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Volunteers say 50 dogs at risk of being euthanized in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio Pets Alive

Volunteers are frantic. They say word just came through, there's a "Code Red" at the municipal animal shelter. That means the City's pound is full and more than 50 dogs are now scheduled to be euthanized if people don't foster, adopt or rescue the pets as soon as possible.

These puppies are among dozens of dogs scheduled to be euthanized in San Antonio, TX today
San Antonio Pets Alive

Listen up: These dogs can be adopted and safely transported anywhere in the US! So if you're reading this and live across the country you can still help. We're talking perfectly nice, healthy pooches who ended up at the pound through no fault of their own.

If you can't adopt please share this article, social media works miracles and you never know who may see it and want to save a life. The problem of animal overpopulation is terrible in the City, last year more than 4800 dogs were put to sleep because there were too many dogs and not enough homes.

The Problem

It's a deadly equation: A massive pet overpopulation problem and not enough people willing to foster or adopt. It adds up to thousands of dogs who are put to sleep because there's not enough room in the shelter to hold them all. Rescue groups say puppies and pooches are coming in daily by the dozens and many are very adoptable. Some dogs who lived with a family in the past are brought into the city pound because they're no longer wanted. Other pooches were strays, and there's puppies who end up at the shelter because their doggie parents were not spayed or neutered.

How You Can Help, Adopting a Dog

Volunteers stress, if someone wants to adopt but doesn't live nearby, the dogs can be adopted and safely transported anywhere in the US. They are also begging for in and out of state rescue groups to work with them, several local groups have arranged safe travel for dogs across the country.

If you want to check out animals that need homes urgently check out the city's website, these pictures and descriptions and also this YouTube channel of urgent animals, all whom need to get out of the shelter ASAP. Some will be put down in the next eight hours, so volunteers say if one seems like a perfect fit for your family, or you fall in love with a glimmer in a dog's eye, please act quickly, the situation is dire. Email:

There's also an adoption event on Sunday, May 10th, at "Happy Paws" in Helotes, you can meet dogs in person and see if there's a love connection.

Fostering a Dog

Fostering dogs also helps to save lives and it's tax deductible. Volunteers say if you live near the area please consider fostering a dog, which means allowing a pup or pooch to stay with you for a week or two until they can find "furever homes" for them or they can be transferred to another rescue group. You're literally saving their lives by giving them a temporary home, it's that easy.

If you live anywhere near San Antonio and would be interested in fostering, please contact San Antonio Pets Alive, when you click on that link and their website pops up, just click on "foster".

Feel free to contact this author if you have any questions, or email and more information will be automatically sent to your inbox.

And remember: Spay and neuter your pet. Period. End of story. It saves lives by not creating more doggone dogs.

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