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"Mission: Miracle K9 Rescue" rescues dogs who played with kids at bus stop

Two dogs that played with kids at bus stops are on death row and need homes
Two dogs that played with kids at bus stops are on death row and need homes
San Antonio Pets Alive

Some good news to report after volunteers scrambled to save the lives of two dogs at San Antonio's Animal Care Services (ACS), the City's pound, who loved to play with kids at bus stops before they were picked up by the "dog catcher".

A brand new rescue group based in San Antonio, Mission: Miracle K9 Rescue came to their rescue! The dogs made it out of the shelter before they were due to be euthanized Monday. New pictures and write up's about the dogs will be coming. If you would like to help donate for their care please click here for details.

Here's what we know about the dogs so far:


This author received a desperate email from a volunteer who pointed out "Bubba". She said kids found the very friendly dog at a bus stop and, "They thought there were doing a good deed by turning it into ACS. The dog is urgent. I would be so traumatized if I were those kids to hear that the dog they saved was killed by the very people that they trusted to take care of him."

This is a link to Bubba's listing from the shelter. If you're interested in fostering him you have to live within an hour or so of San Antonio. If you want to adopt Bubba, he can be transported safely anywhere in the US. Please email Mission: Miracle K9 Rescue for details. Here is a brand new picture of Bubba too.

Bon Bon

Volunteers then pointed out another dog "Bon Bon" who also waited with kids at a local bus stop. Her write up says, "She loves children, and she loves to play! She would fit in perfectly with an active family lifestyle. Before she arrived at ACS, she would wait at the bus stop everyday and wait for the children to get out of school so she could play with them, and have some company as they walked home."

If you're interested in fostering or adopting Bon Bon, please email Mission: Miracle K9 Rescue.

Animal Crisis: Dozens of dogs need home in San Antonio

Bubba and Bon Bon are two of many dogs in need of foster or adoptive homes in San Antonio.

Last year the City euthanized more than 4800 dogs. ACS claims it's getting closer to reaching its goal of becoming a "no kill" facility, citing high "live release rates". These numbers are based on dogs the agency considers to be "healthy and treatable". Problem is, there have been numerous documented instances where dogs were mislabeled and miscategorized as being "aggressive" though they were not. In at least one case, volunteers say, a dog with an inaccurate behavior assessment was euthanized.

Adopters and fosters needed ASAP

Volunteers stress, if someone wants to adopt but doesn't live nearby, the dogs can be adopted and safely transported anywhere in the US. They are also begging for in and out of state rescue groups to work with them, several local groups have arranged safe travel for dogs across the country.

If you want to check out dog thats need homes urgently check out the city's website, these pictures and descriptions and also this YouTube channel of urgent animals, all whom need to get out of the shelter ASAP. Some will be put down in the next eight hours, so volunteers say if one seems like a perfect fit for your family, or you fall in love with a glimmer in a dog's eye, please act quickly, the situation is dire. Email:

Fostering a Dog

Fostering dogs also helps to save lives and it's tax deductible. Volunteers say if you live near the area please consider fostering a dog, which means allowing a pup or pooch to stay with you for a week or two until they can find "furever homes" for them or they can be transferred to another rescue group. You're literally saving their lives by giving them a temporary home, it's that easy.

If you live anywhere near San Antonio and would be interested in fostering, please contact San Antonio Pets Alive, when you click on that link and their website pops up, just click on "foster".

Feel free to contact this author if you have any questions, or email and more information will be automatically sent to your inbox.

And remember: Spay and neuter your pet. Period. End of story. It saves lives by not creating more doggone dogs.

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