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Volunteers rally for abandoned and neglected Mexico dogs: Help the 'Tijuana 5'

These dogs have survived the worse of the worst. Can we help them and give them all a better life?
These dogs have survived the worse of the worst. Can we help them and give them all a better life?
Priscilla Mendoza, Yomara Lo, Kelly Ann Gerth

Five dogs; each in a heartbreaking state of neglect have been dubbed the "Tijuana 5." Helpless, abandoned pets left to languish in the misery of their misfortunes, that is until a small group of animal advocates came together to form a loosely knit tiny army of dog rescuers.

The "Tijuana 5" are all dogs from different locations; all have been living on the streets in deplorable conditions, and all have severe medical needs. Here are their stories:

  1. Bonnie is a pregnant female pit mix who was living on the streets. A volunteer feeds her and has kept her in the yard to keep her safe from traffic, cars and people. Bonnie's leg may be broken, and she needs immediate care before her puppies are born.
  2. Pepper is a small chihuahua mix who has a severe injury to her left eye. Veterinarian reports indicate she will need her eye surgically removed and will also need a tumor removed from her vaginal area and chemotherapy to follow. Her medical needs have been estimated to be $200. At this time, she is temporarily being fostered.
  3. Shelby is a small, white terrier mix who has lost most of her coat. She is in need of further vet care and a more permanent foster home until she is ready to be offered for adoption.
  4. Roby's situation is especially dire at this time. Living in a garbage dump, the pit bull and boxer mix has been stoned by neighborhood thugs and is injured; it is important to get this dog in a temporary foster situation so that he can be vetted and properly cared for until he is eligible for adoption. This amazing dog is still friendly, calm and quiet; what a forgiving soul and not one that any of the volunteers want to fail with their rescue efforts.
  5. Cucha was found lying on the streets. Imagine this poor little chihuahua hardly able to use her back legs. She is able to stand and take a few steps. Veterinarians hope with therapy that this tiny little pooch will once again walk and look forward to a better life. At this time she is in temporary foster care, but her condition needs to be evaluated immediately.

A virtual event has been planned for September 14. Click here for the details.

There's nothing fancy or complicated about their operation; just a group of women trying to do their part. Using their social media page called All Breed Dog Rescue Network, the public is encouraged to post dogs in need and gain exposure through social media for these needy pets and hopefully finding them the help they need. If you can help, please contact Kelly Ann Gerth or call 760-975-9347.

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