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Volunteers plead for help to save sweet dog impounded for over two months

Mister needs to be rescued - soon.
Mister needs to be rescued - soon.
CACC Transfer Team

Volunteers with the Chicago Care and Control transfer team in Ill., call a large, black dog named "Mister," amazing, and in the two months that he has been impounded at the facility, he has endeared himself to those around him - so much so that they consider him to be one of their favorites.

Contributed photo from CACC Transfer Team

Unfortunately, in that period of time, nobody else has expressed an interest in Mister.

A volunteer reached out to the National Dog News Examiner with a request to help - she wrote:

We have an amazing male dog who is black and large, and he has been with us for over two months. We all love him but we cannot find rescue. Any chance you would help us network him and post him and his story?

Everyone who encounters this handsome boy comments about what a "good boy" he is. Despite his large size, he walks well on a leash - he has also mastered several tricks and shows good focus with the individuals who spend time with him. The following words have been used to describe this special dog..."perfect," and "the smartest dog I have ever met."

A video has been made of Mister - his attentiveness and intelligence are clear to see (click here).

Mister is desperately in need of someone who is willing to take a chance on him. At the facility, he is labeled as "rescue only," and he will only be released to an approved Homeward Bound partner. Learn more about why dogs are labeled rescue only at this link.

Dogs cannot stay at this facility indefinitely - Mister needs a helping hand if he is to walk free from the facility alive. Those who know him feel that he is worth saving - please take a moment to help them make their dream of his rescue a reality by sharing the following information:

  • Facebook thread here
  • MISTER, Male, Identification number A106934_B143
  • Link to Vimeo video here
  • If you’re a rescue group that wants to apply to pull from Chicago ACC, please fill out a Homeward Bound Application below and fax to 312-747-1409 along with your IL Dept. of Agriculture License and 501c3.

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