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Volunteers help the disabled at a therapy center

Barbara Branigan loves to help others.

And she has the perfect opportunity at the Bit-By-Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Pompano Beach.

She moved to Florida from New York and wanted an opportunity help others. "I am city girl but I love to work with horses and I love the chance to help others," said Branigan.

Bit-By-Bit uses horses to help people with disabilities. By riding horses, people improve their muscle tone and improve balance. But for the program to work, the there is a need for volunteers to walk with the horses. Physical therapists supervise the program and volunteers help out.

"This is the most fun I have every had," said Branigan. "I love the work I do here."

Victoria Tierney also loves volunteering a Bit-By-Bit. "I love to help those with disabilities. I started out by helping people at my school and now I help here. I hope to become a therapists one day," she said.

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