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Volunteer to donate blood, get a free blood type and provide disaster relief in Austin

Rare blood type - AB Rh Positive and Negative
Rare blood type - AB Rh Positive and Negative
L. A. Cargill, MLS (ASCP)
The Blood Center of Central Texas in Austin recently reported that blood supplies were adequate in the U. S. to provide relief to Haitian hospitals if needed.  However, local blood donation is vital for children and adults who are living with cancer, having surgery, surviving a car accident, or recovering from other illnesses and injuries. Disasters are unpredictable, even locally.
In addition to the great warm and fuzzy feeling one gets from donating blood, everyone gets a free blood type! Knowing your blood type is helpful in case you are faced with an emergency and need a blood transfusion. According to the Blood Center of Central Texas, the breakdown of blood types in the local population are:
  • O+ 39%
  • O- 9%
  • A+ 31%
  • A- 6%
  • B+ 9%
  • B- 2%
  • AB+ 3%
  • AB- 1%

Donating blood locally is a great way to help your community. It's a free and easy volunteer opportunity that helps many people, some of which may be your neighbors or those you love. One blood donation can help save 3 or more lives. Group O, Rh Negative blood is frequently in demand.

Disasters may happen at any time or at any place. The blood supply is often depleted during disasters, even small ones. During the recent shooting incident at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas, many donors were called to come in and donate to replenish the supply.

What kind of people donate blood? The good kind! Who is eligible:

  • must be 17 years old or older
  • weigh at least 123 pounds, or 110 pounds to donate platelets
  • be in good general health

There are permanent and temporary restrictions for donating blood. To inquire about blood donations or to make an appointment, call (512) 206-1266 or visit their web site at Life is in Your Hands.

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