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Volunteer orientation for Chain of Hope this weekend! 7/17, 7/18

Chained dog helped by Chain of Hope
Chained dog helped by Chain of Hope
Chain of Hope
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Chain of Hope is a relatively new organization which started early in 2010.  Read their mission statement.  They are an outreach organization that goes out into the neighborhoods and seeks out needy pets. 

They are seeking new volunteers to walk the dogs that they save and care for the other animals they find.  They are looking for foster homes and also people to go out into the neighborhoods in a group to help animals. 

From their Facebook page: VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION! We will be holding 2 volunteer orientations this weekend. One at 10am on Saturday and one at 1pm on Sunday. Both will be at Winding River and volunteers will learn how to care for our dogs at Winding River including walking them. Winding River is at 1101 E. Blue Ridge Blvd. Kansas City, MO. Please email us at and tell us which class you will be attending.

Chain of Hope on Facebook.

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