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Volunteer for the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Volunteer for the most rewarding experiences of your life!
In 1980 Dr. Seiden founded Doctors To The World, a 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization, to send volunteer personnel into underserved areas of the world. Over the past decades he’s had the pleasure and the privilege of serving on many volunteer missions throughout the Third World, underprivileged areas in the US and abroad as well as disaster zones on our planet, frequently accompanied by his wife Dr. Jane L. Bilett. Though these adventures have been on a volunteer basis, their rewards have been great. Upon returning from each of these experiences they’ve always been asked, "How can I get involved with such a volunteer mission?" It forever surprises them as the need for volunteers is immense, information on how to go about getting involved isn’t that available.
That’s the purpose of writing this guidebook. But it is more than just a listing of organizations who will be delighted to have your help and get you out into the disadvantaged, more primitive, but fascinating areas of the world. As they reviewed their experiences over the past years, they realized much they now take for granted ... things that they know now because of sometimes painful trial and error and hard knocks. Knowing these "things" beforehand would have made their life as volunteers infinitely easier. They hope to impart this knowledge, learned through trial and error, to you, in hopes of making your adventures more enjoyable and the volunteer experience more efficient, effective and rewarding. This book will also be of tremendous value to corporate employees who will have to go into more primitive and foreign counties as their companies expand into new areas of our shrinking world.

Read "The Joy of Volunteering" by Othniel Seiden, MD and Jane L. Bilett, PhD - Amazon Kindle