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Voluntaryist comic book heroes take on living dead statists

Mind-controlled zombies staggering through the streets while reeking with rot and wreaking havoc and perpetually moaning "whoooo will buiiiild the rooooads?" A trio of Voluntaryist Vixens named Voluntaria, AnCat, and Agora attempting to fend them off without violating their libertarian Zero Aggression Principle? What's going on here?

Contributor Perks
Contributor Perks
Photo courtesy of Jaime Sherman used with permission
The Zombie cover for Voluntaryist #3 features a force of feisty freedom fighters fending off a gang of government-glorifying ghouls.
Photo courtesy of Jaime Sherman used with permission

It's Voluntaryist comic book #3 as envisioned by Boy Wonder Jaime Sherman and his band of masked superhero creators and artists, now in the midst of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to produce a Special Issue comic with "action, liberty, & STATIST ZOMBIES!"

As in the past Libertarian News Examiner tracked down Jaime Sherman, aka Mr. Voluntary, for this exclusive interview.

This issue features your new female characters rather than Superhero "Voluntaryist." Why the change?

I wanted to bring in the other characters for the Voluntaryist series to unveil more of the Voluntaryist comic universe. So far, the first and second campaign issues have been great material to give readers a sense of the direction for the comic's lead. Having a special mini-issue with the ladies brings out the interaction dynamic between the Voluntaryist team and the statist enemies.

Your Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched April 6. Please tell potential contributors about some of your perks.

Nathan Essex of the Official Sinister Customs did such a great job with the first Voluntaryist action figure I had to bring him in for more. We have a custom AnCat figure and a custom Voluntaria figure up for grabs. We also have some unique perks such as a Voluntaria pin-up, which is a digitally inked poster of Voluntaria in pin-up fashion, and the opportunity to be drawn into a zombie (Zombification). Those who get Zombiefied can have their caricature formed into a zombie to appear in the finished comic.

The newest comic's theme is "Voluntaryist vs. Statist Zombies." What's that all about?

The concept for integrating statist zombies arose from the pop culture demands on zombie material (Think "The Walking Dead" among other popular shows/movies of late.) As it is already a popular libertarian motif to call people "zombies" who worship the state despite all logic and reason, I thought the integration into comic form would be a fun idea. The statist zombies are unique because they want more than brains - they want more government.

Zombification leads to Keynesian-style economic stimulus of destruction and a never-ending quest to find "who will build the roads?" without government. It's going to be a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor with accurate critiques of the statist mentality.

What are the "stretch goals?" of your Indegogo campaign?

The stretch goals are lofty but awesome if we can make it. If the campaign raises $1,500 over budget, I will seek out a production company to do a small run of Voluntaryist action figures. Likely, they would be small 2-4 inch ones, but very cool for the collector. If we make it $3,000 past, I am going to do a reading video of the comic, which means I will hire a voiceover artist to narrate and a video editor to move the comic stills across the screen. It would be like an audio book with visual accompaniment.

Where can readers and supporters find out more?

The Voluntaryist website.

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