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Voluntarists: The Next Generation

Interesting thing happened Friday night that made me proud to be a father. While leaving the Indiana United Methodist Church Conference at Ball State with my daughter in the car, we came up on a Muncie Police car beside us on the road at a stoplight.

My daughter says "Ahhh, there's a cop! I don't like cops" I asked why she doesn't like cops. "Because they arrest people and they get mad when you dial a wrong number." Apparently the 12 year propaganda institution known as government school that she unfortunately still attends haven't indoctrinated her with the message that cops are infallible yet. I have my window to move in and stop that before it starts.

But why would anyone hate cops, especially a 7 year old who just completed first grade? Most children at that age wanna be cops when they grow up. They don't know that a good number of cops, while they got in it for the right reasons, become a victim of the power that job entails in the United Police State of America. They aren't out there putting their life on the line, their out there harassing peaceful drivers and pot smokers who they know won't fight back because their too poor to afford to.

Or maybe she's seen the news reports about the thugs in Indianapolis this week that beat the tar out of a 15 year old kid who peacefully tried to stop his friend from being arrested.

Their could be a lot of reasons to this statement from my daughter, but a friend told me her kid has said they don't like cops either. It's an interesting turn of events, when I was 7 kids all loved cops, most boys wanted to be one. There's hope for this country yet, but you have to keep the message going, break the indoctrination chains coming from the government schools if you child is unfortunate enough to attend.

Let no State lie go unchallenged. Raise the next generation of Voluntarists, my child will not be a statist like my father who scowls at me when I bring up any of my political views. We are not the crazy people. We want freedom for all, not just certain people. And we want freedom in all areas of life, not just the areas we partake in.

"Something must be done, about vengeance, a badge and a gun" - Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy


  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    Anyone who has been paying attention hates cops. The most anti-cop people I have ever met were retired cops; they know what the current crop of badge-thugs are made of.

  • Roger Nay 5 years ago

    yes, of course they do. until, of course, their house is being broke into by the same type of scum society that caused all
    this false liberal crusader nonsense here in indy recently.
    the cops whom beat that ignorant ass punk should have received medals, NOT been reprimanded.

  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    Roger- Projecting your own inadequacies? There is no situation so horrible that it can't be made worse- by orders of magnitude- by involving the cops. If your house is getting broken in to, be an adult and deal with it yourself. You don't "need" cops, and neither does anyone else. Unless they are too pathetically helpless to be on their own out in the "big, scary world".

  • Roger Nay 5 years ago

    i will deal with it myself, bitch. the only inadequacies i see
    are the ignorant ass whores like you who attempt to play this
    role of the maxim rebel, when their own reality is purely
    dependent upon the very structures of civilization they
    pretend to discard. you lie to yourself to feed your pathetically
    diminished ego, in hopes you'll feel more "outside the grid"
    when the grid itself is what sustains you.

  • Kent McManigal- Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner 5 years ago

    Poor Roger. Once again projecting. And he can't even respond without being vulgar. The best response to him is something I found in an 1880 edition of an 1866 spelling book: "He was dull and made trite remarks."

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