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Volkswagen’s 2014 Super Bowl ad teases Carmen Electra, Abraham Lincoln (video)

The Super Bowl commercial for Volkswagen this year doesn't highlight YouTube stars like last year, but gives viewers a glimpse of everything All-American. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercial for Volkswagen has Carmen Electra, Abraham Lincoln and cute babies. Plus add anything else you can think of that America loves like puppies, hamburgers and monkeys with tambourines. According to Forbes on Tuesday there are so many American spoofs in this ad it is impossible to count every American icon reference.

The Volkswagen sneak peek is a video teaser of what will be seen on game day. Giving viewers a glimpse of how scientists are tinkering to make the ad All-American, the science behind the idea is played out in the video.

All would go well until Carmen Electra sets off the Volkswagen car alarm with her backside and a strange string of events occur. The worst moment is when a ball machine malfunctions and shoots a ball into an old man's groin. Leaving viewers with an idea of what the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad might be for the big day, the car company’s teaser is a quite elaborate.

While some fans might think it is too much, all of the teasers this year are showcasing Hollywood’s finest and a little bit of bizarreness to create a curiosity. Of course the 2014 Super Bowl Commercials are the reason people watch the Super Bowl. And to hear Peyton Manning scream “Omaha.”

Take a look at the video clip of the Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad teaser.

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