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Volkswagen celebrates 40 years of VW Golf

The progression of 40 years of VW
The progression of 40 years of VW
VW Media

Volkswagen took a moment to release a press release earlier yesterday (March 30,2014) in honor of 40 years of VW Golf. The first Volkswagen Golf rolled off the assembly line back in 1974, and 40 years later, iterations of that first VW Golf have produced some of the most reliable and affordable front wheel drive cars for the world. With the Volkswagen Beetle technically on its heels as the car it was replacing, the Golf had big shoes to fill. With every new generation Golf introduced (7 generations to be exact), new generations of engines and technology essentially democratized transportation technology and innovation in a similar fashion as the Beetle did. And with over 29 million sold, the Golf shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The first generation Golf, Mark I, saw the dawn of a new era of front mounted engines with front wheel drive power trains dominating the scene.Designed by famous Italian Designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, the simple lines of the Golf drew many fans and remains a cult classic today.

Mark 2 introduced in 1983 brought more room, the option of all wheel drive thanks to a sychro mesh transmission as well as stricter emission equipment standard.

Mark 3 introduced in 1991 introduced VW Golf owners to Golf's first V6 (VR6) as well as a suite of new safety features ( such as front passenger airbags and ABS standard)

Mark 4 introduced in 1998 further improved on the democratization of safety for VW Golf Owners with Electronic stability control standard as well as 4Motion all wheel drive with new Haldex transmission.

Mark 5 introduced in 2003 introduced a host of new improvements and technological advancements such as increasing torsional rigidity by 35 % using a new welding technique with lasters, six standards airbags, new multi link suspension setup, as well as a new Blue Motion Golf capable of 68 miles per gallon.

Mark 6 introduced in 2007 scored high on Euro NCAP safety with a maximum of 5 stars across the board. A host of new turbocharged diesels and gas engines were improved with the exclusion of unit injection and the switch to a more common fuel rail system.

And last but not the last generation Golf introduced in 2012 saw the Golf loss over 220 pounds in weight as well as improve on fuel efficiency across the board.

The VW Golf is a car for the people that changes with the times. With engines pushing out power from 84 HP all the way to 300 HP, there is a Golf pretty much for every demographic.

Here's to 40 more years of VW Golf.

Source : Volkswagen Media

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