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Volcanic ash still halting travel in Europe

a steady stream of ash is flowing south towards Europe
a steady stream of ash is flowing south towards Europe
Photo: NEODAAS/University of Dundee/AP

The ash spewing from Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland continues to reek havoc for travelers across Europe.  According to The Guardian, a UK-based newspaper, the majority of flights around Europe are grounded until Monday.

The closure of airspace is causing problems for many travelers in the UK, as it is the end of the Easter break.  Many students and teachers are trying to return to their schools before classes resume on Monday.  Others are seeking alternative transport by booking trains, coaches or hiring cars.

Airports all across Europe, including Frankfurt, have all been shut due to the recent natural event. However some flights over Scotland, England and Wales may resume sooner than Monday, though it will be on a very limited scale.

If winds push the ash off to the east, then UK airspace will likely be re-opened.  However, winds are expected to push in a northeasterly direction again tomorrow.

As events continue to unfold, anxious and restless travelers wonder when the volcano will rest.

For more detailed information, visit The Guardian.


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