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Void Of Course Moon in December 2013

When planning your life paying attention to when the moon is “Void of Course” can help to avoid difficulties. The moon is “Void of Course” when it transits past the last major aspect, or connection, with a planet before it enters a new sign. This could last from a few seconds up to a couple of days. This depends on the locations of all the other planets at that moment in time. When the moon is “Void of Course” we can feel disconnected and without directions making it a good time to center yourself or go inside yourself to gain a new perspective. It would be wise to put off making any decisions if possible until the moon transits into the next sign because our judgment can be flawed. There is the tendency to have unrealistic expectations associated with the decisions, and/or there could be difficulties from unknown factors. During this period actions can produce unexpected results, creative efforts can go into unexpected directions, or there could be difficulties associated with monetary and legal decisions. The following are times in Eastern Standard Time when the moon will be “Void of Course” during the month of December:

12/01/13 8:34pm to 12/02/13 1:32am

12/03/13 10:46pm to 11/04/13 1:50am

12/06/13 12:32am to 1:54am

12/07/13 7:12am to 12/08/13 3:35am

12/10/13 1:42am to 8:06am

12/12/13 10:38am to 3:41pm

12/14/13 9:55pm to 12/15/13 1:41am

12/17/13 4:29am to 1:17pm

12/19/13 11:37pm to 12/20/13 1:48am

12/22/13 8:26am to 2:19pm

12/24/13 10:55pm to 12/25/13 1:18am

12/27/13 6:01am to 8:59am

12/29/13 8:55am to 12:38pm

12/30/13 6:37am to 12/31/13 1:02pm

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