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Voices Against Bullying Anthology Update

Deadline extended to September 30, 2012! Been awhile since I set up an update on the Voices Against Bullying Anthology project! I've been busy on this end, but it's moving along! Stories are coming in, and I've been receiving some of the preliminary artwork on the project. First script to arrive was "Adults" by Neil Ellis Orts. The outline of the story--the format, not the story itself--needed some reworking, so it will be included here for future writers to use as a comic script template. He mentioned that he wanted his story rendered in a realistic style, but it occurred to me that the dreamy, quasi-surrealistic art style of Riley McCool, creator of Public Humiliation, might be a good match for the tone of this story, set in a small town in Texas in 1972. At right is a preliminary layout from Riley of panel 1, and I know she's not going to disappoint. Riley also promises to submit a slightly darker story, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. Joe Palmer promises some period pieces on bullying and gay themes set in the early part of the 1900s and late 1800s. I also had a long chat on July 2 with upcoming superstar Ashley Marie Witter, who said, "I was like, yeah I'm in! But then I saw it's due July 31 and I'm still locked down with work till August." Yeah, that's right. Ash Witter, known as bittertea on the webcomic hosting site, creator of Scorch, Reign of Adeodatus and others, has finally hit the big time and is wrapping up work on Interview With the Vampire: Claudia's Story by Anne Rice!!! The book, as Ash has said, is wrapping up final work in August and is already available for pre-sale on This title will be released on November 20, 2012. She's going to be a busy girl after this, and if Ashley is able to get us a story my life will be complete! It's going to be published by Yen Press, and the MTV Geek Interview showcasing previews of her amazing art on this book is available here. Artists and writers scheduled for the project: Roy Duncan (Logo/header/cover design) John McDowell James Dyar Candra Teshome French Riley McCool Joe Palmer Neil Ellis Orts Ashley Marie Witter (tentative depending on her promo schedule) The jury is still out on the cover. It doesn't pop yet, and I need a colorist for these black and white panels. Better yet, if anyone out there wants the honor of setting up to have THEIR art on the premiere issue of Voices Against Bullying, submit your design and let's see what you've got!! More artists and writers are needed to give this project success! Because of this I am extending the deadline for submissions to September 30th, and we still want to see this project go to print in November, 2012. Here's how you can join in: How to submit your art and stories to VAB: You MUST have a Ka-Blam Digital Printing account and a PayPal account. Jenni Gregory at Ka-Blam is thoroughly excited about the project and offers this advice on how to set you all up:

Hey ya Pam, That sounds like a wonderful project!! Even better you are in charge! I'll help you out and give you suggestions and recommendations on how to make ordering a book with multiple creators involved an easy process. For everyone in your group they can order the books at print costs via Ka-Blam. This is what I need you to do for everyone to be able to get their books thru Ka-Blam: You will need to be the go between to all the creators involved and us. Each of the creators must register at Ka-Blam. (When you get to the Who Referred You section in your account application, please use houseofmuses) :) If the book is going to be carried at IP we can set it up on this end that all creators get their percentages taken from each sale. What we need in this case is the percentage splits for each creator. Then all your creators must have Paypal accounts so we can pay them. This is our only means of paying them. If you or they don't want to go the Paypal route then we can set it up where you will get all the money from sales and be responsible for division to the creators. No big either way, easy peasy to set up. We then need the list of all the creators usernames that can order this book. You will be the one to send us the files for the project. After that we'll set it up so everyone will be able to go to their Control Panel (CP) and click on their reorder button and the book will be there and they will place and pay for their own orders and the orders will ship to the address they want.

We want this to be a project that we can promote far and wide, and everyone wins. If you want to take part in this project, submit your best work to me at pamelajharrison @ For a recap of the original Voices Against Bullying project announcement, you can read that here.

Drop by the original article to pick up script and comic page templates! Hope to see you contribute your story soon!


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