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VoiceNation bringing 100 customer service jobs to Atlanta

VoiceNation is expanding its headquarters to the Atlanta area
VoiceNation is expanding its headquarters to the Atlanta area

Atlanta residents interested in new customer service opportunities may find what they are looking for when VoiceNation comes to town. The call center outsourcing company is expanding its headquarters in Buford, Georgia, by adding 100 more positions to its rapidly growing staff. As a leading provider of call center solutions, VoiceNation offers an innovative working environment that promotes a higher level of service to all of its clients and their customers.

In a press release announcing the expansion, VoiceNation lists numerous positions that will be available with the company. These include customer service representatives, quality assurance, IT, dispatchers, sales and marketing representatives and managers. The latest expansion in just another step in the explosive growth this company has seen since it was founded in 2003.

About VoiceNation
VoiceNation has developed call center technology that has revolutionized the customer service industry. The company offers its own versions of PBX and voicemail systems, which have been described on the company website as both “robust and scalable.” The attraction of these systems is that they can be affordably implemented for companies of every size and with every possible customer need.

Because VoiceNation designs the technology it uses, they are able to use that technology to their customer’s fullest advantage. By customizing call center solutions to the specific needs of each, individual client, VoiceNation is in a position to attract clients of all sizes from locations around the globe. Each client receives phone services the precise way they want, ensuring the customers of the clients receive the highest quality phone service as well.

Environment and Service Success
One major factor that makes VoiceNation so successful in the customer service realm is the way in which the company treats its own employees. The president of VoiceNation, Jay Reeder, understands that happy employees lead to happy customers. He has created a working environment that promotes employee comfort, team building and creativity. Many of the features of that environment have been suggested by the employees themselves and implemented by upper management.

Pod-style cubicles that house five employees and one manager take the place of individual cubicles. The collaborative environment encourages pod members to work together to increase the level of customer service provided. Pods are furnished with comfortable chairs and expanded desktop space with sufficient room for training materials. Glass panels can be written on in each space to encourage creativity within each team.

“In order to provide the most positive work environment for our employees, it is important to go above and beyond in meeting their needs,” Reeder stated in the press release. “When our employees feel appreciated, that emotion is translated to our customers, making VoiceNation a preferred call center partner for thousands of businesses nationwide.”

It appears that Reeder’s philosophy is paying off, in terms of company expansion and company recognition. VoiceNation was named “Top Provider in Industry” by PC World and is recognized as an innovative leader in call center solutions. This company is also a shining example in the Atlanta area of how satisfied employees can translate to thousands of happy customers.

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