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Voicemail making a comeback with Smart Voicemail

Do voicemail the right way with Smart Voicemail
Smart Voicemail

My wife asked me this question the other day.

When was the last time you listened to your voicemail?

I have to be honest and say that it's been months.

Many of my colleagues say the same thing, or they listen to like two seconds of a message and delete it.

A brand new company is out to prove that voicemail is not dead.

It's Smart Voicemail and it turns voicemail into an app. The facts say we are more apt to use a program or a platform if it is in app form on one or more of our mobile devices.

Smart Voicemail is what I might call voicemail on steroids. It takes the antiquated and clunky voicemail we all know and turns it into a meaningful platform we can use to store and sort through information vital to our business, home, or personal life.

Per Smart Voicemail, here are some of the features:

Send a text or MMS to the caller asking for the reason for his call, when they don't leave voicemail.
Set your status as Voicemail Greeting.
Connect your calendar for auto-updates.
A private messaging app in voicemail workflow.
Visual Voicemail with transcriptions.
Add Voicemails to Tasks to be reminded about it later.
Groups to set personalized status.

I've been using Google Voice for the last few years. I asked Smart Voicemail what differentiates them from the popular Google application.

GV is an Internet telephony platform. We specialize in voicemail technology. We have a broader vision for Voicemails. We envision Voicemails as phone assistants. Our Voicemails understand a person’s time, schedule apart from just taking messages. Our Voicemails set expectation and take actions based on your schedule and availability. GV’s Voicemail is same as any other voicemail. They don’t have the capability to understand user’s schedule. Its just an yet-another answering machine.

You can get Smart Voicemail at:

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