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Voice of 'Aeon Flux' returns

Charlize Theron Played Aeon Flux in the film adatation of the cult comic
Charlize Theron Played Aeon Flux in the film adatation of the cult comic
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Denise Poirier, the actress who did the voice of the cult animated character Aeon Flux will be returning to the animation world. Though she won't be bringing back the sexy vixen, Aeon, there will be a new adaptation of Josh Finney's 'Utopiates' that she will be heard in. Audiocomics has cast Denise's voice to a new character, the Prophet.

The animation is based in a future Los Angeles and her character deals in a bio-engineered drug that is highly sort after in the city. There are four main characters that's lives all intertwine around this powerful drug. It has the power to alter peoples minds by injecting memories, dreams and even personalities of others. The effects are life altering and each person has their own reason for coming in to contact with the drug. Like all users, there comes a high price for soul swapping.

While the show itself has a full cast production and an original score by Jonathon Sharp, BBC Soundtrack Composer they are still searching for kickstarter assistance. If funding goes through and they reach their goal of $14000, they intend on releasing a two disc set, with the first disc containing an adaptation of Finney & Rocha's novel. Josh Finney refers to the first novel as his 'biotech noir mythos'. The second disc will involve three brand new stories set in Utopiates.

If you're a fan of the animated series Aeon Flux and have been waiting for something new to fill the gap that's been missing all these years since the show finished up, then Utopiates may be what you've searching for. Perhaps a new cult series is on it's way to our screens.