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Voice Box Detroit

A1. I Can’t Stop
Once again, Niko provides us with a timeless slice of undiluted soul with moving lyrics that scream from the depths of the heart. Beautiful Rhodes chords ride on top of an understated house groove with an impassioned and yearning male vocal, which expresses those most powerful of emotions, that are true love and devotion. This is music to dance to and make love to that will uplift the soul.

A2. All About Love
Oh yeah! Niko brings a heavy serving of techno-funk to the table with this slamming fast-paced groove, which manages to fuse disparate elements together to form a highly coherent and incredibly funky one. It begins with a heavy bassline that is almost like a flashback to the early 90s before the introduction of another slap-bass guitar riff, strings, funky keys, and snappy vocal hits. Niko gets all old-school and DIY with the arrangement introducing, retracting, and re-introducing all these elements in a manner that is almost like a DJ getting funky with the faders. This will have you grooving your ass off on the dance floor and leave you with a massive smile on your face.

B1. Bring Back the Soul
The musical heritage of Detroit lays heavily upon this deep and atmospheric eulogy to the true essence of house music. A sexy low-slung late-night groove powered by raw drums that compel you to dance is overlaid by melancholic lyrics urging us to “Bring back the soul of house music” and to remember, “Whenever house people come together there’s always a positive vibration”. In an era that has witnessed a proliferation of processed, plastic, and generic compositions devoid of meaning this is an emotional cry from depths of the Motor City’s soul to rediscover, rejoice and dance together to that sound that is called house in its true form.

B2. Technology
With shades of Motown jazz and funk combined with futuristic electronica this is quite simply like nothing you will have ever heard before. A simple electro beat underpins a morphing acidic bassline, Juno synths, and an old-school trumpet loop. Niko again displays his DIY approach to electronic music production with unconventional use of fx in a production environment which makes it sound like you are actually listening to a DJ going crazy with an fx unit with liberal use of delays and filters whilst at one point the track unexpectedly to a crawl which makes it sound almost like dub reggae before returning to its original tempo. To borrow a famous phrase from DJ Bone this is Niko getting seriously “funky with the machines”. Highly original tech-funk experimentation with attitude.


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