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Voice actor may have leaked a 'Super Smash Bros.' character

Voice actor may have leaked a Super Smash Bros. character
Voice actor may have leaked a Super Smash Bros. character

Reuben Langdon is known in the gaming industry for his roles as James in The Last of Us (and behind the scenes as Joel's stunt double), Dante in the Devil May Cry series, Ken in various Street Fighter games, including Ken in Wreck it Ralph, and of course more.

In a recent interview with Gamevoices, Langdon shared his experiences in working with some amazing talents in the industry today, including Nolan North and Troy Baker, both in which he recently worked with in The Last of Us.

Langdon stated:

"As I mention Nolan North is amazingly talented and is just a super cool dude to work with. I really respect him and him work. You know I’m going to mention that usual names Troy Baker, Yuri Lowenthal. I’m working with Todd Haberkorn right now and Vic Mignogna on the Star Trek thing, And they’re all just cool people and I admire them all for being honest and loving what they do and always pushing it. It seems that every voice actor has got something special to bring to the table and they’re just having fun. There’s no egos.

For example Troy’s (Baker) work, what an amazing actor. The quality and intensity he brings to Joel in The Last of Us- just watching him work was so much fun. And watching him play too cos He’s a lot of fun on set. Look out for some bloopers which hopefully made it to the internet by now.

It’s just an honour to work with these guys cos they are just so professional and fun to be around."

While the entire interview is an interesting read, there is one point that is extremely intriguing. When Langdon was asked if there was a particular franchise that he would like to appear in, he responded:

Let me think about that. Well the Metal Gear series is always coming in and out of my ‘field’. We have put bids out on it a couple of times. Raiden was always a character that I had wanted to play. I did end up playing him on Super Smash Bros; so I did end up playing him eventually. NOT to the extent that he is in the other games.

Just a few weeks ago, Hideo Kojima stated in a Twitch interview with Geoff Keighley:

I'm not working on that game (Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS), but i don't think it's likely (Snake will return). If Mr. Sakurai is watching this, hopefully we see Snake.

Raiden has never before appeared in a Smash Bros. title; out of the Metal Gear franchise, it was Snake. Snake was the first third-party character to take a role in the Smash Bros. franchise and this would be Raiden's first time brawling it out in his place, if this were the case. So did Langdon accidentally let slip that Raiden will be in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.? This would be the only title in the series that he would be referring to, so we can safely assume this. However, it may be that Langdon just mixed titles up and meant PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale, instead of Super Smash Bros., since Raiden was indeed a character in that particular fighting title.

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