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‘Vogue’ Magazine Puts Kim Kardashian on the Cover and American Fashionistas Weep

Vogue Cover

One of Kim Kardashian’s lifelong dreams may have just come true along with maybe Anna Wintour’s* tenure at Vogue magazine. Hopefully it is just a prank, an April Fool’s joke, a supreme “got cha” by noted funster and editor at large Wintour. I picture her cocking her head to one side, looking out beneath her famous bobbed hair and there it is; a wink. Everyone who has even the mildest of interest in fashion would then laugh and say, “Good one, Anna!” Apparently this is all wishful thinking because it looks like Wintour (who is not known for being the funniest person in the room) has finally succumbed to pressure asserted from America’s favorite leather sweatpants promoting rapper Kanye West to put his baby mama on the cover. In fact she even put him in the photo with his fiancé.

Several things about Kardashion’s Vogue cover have fashion fans in a snit. The focal point of their scorn is that Kim Kardashian is a reality star who rose to fame through a sex tape and brief friendship with Paris Hilton*. Her reality show debuted in 2007 which then made her and the rest of her clan (klan) reality fixtures. The truth is if you live in America and own a TV or frequent stores that sell food or gas, you know who Kim Kardashian is even if you would rather not. People claim she has no talent, but she does, she has the talent to stretch her fifteen minutes of fame out to seven long years.

Another reason for the outrage is that Wintour has always indicated that she would not put reality stars on the cover of what has been called essentially the Bible of American fashion. Many would argue that they wish there were no entertainment figures on the cover at all and Vogue would return to an earlier era when it was only models smiling out to potential buyers at the newsstand, but I digress. In the past Wintour rejected bigger temptations for the coveted cover. Posh Beckham* had to settle for a lesser nation based edition of the magazine for her cover shot spotlight. Wintour made Oprah Winfrey* lose weight before she became a Vogue cover girl. Seriously, this was back in the day when Oprah and all things O ruled the world.

Speaking of height of fame, hasn’t Kanye West plateaued some in his career? For a time, a little under a decade ago, he was considered the rapper with meaning, a major innovator of music, but then he started to believe his hype. I am not talking about the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” bit because that is more political. I am speaking of sheer stupidity/smell your own body odor and call it perfume insanity things like interrupting the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by coming on stage from the audience and proclaim, as she is standing in front of him, that Taylor Swift* does not deserve whatever silly award she was getting because Beyonce* deserved it more. It was this sort of acting up that prompted the current leader of the free world to declare West a “jackass.” It is things of this ilk that identify West now as someone who is more tabloid fodder than talent. Don’t believe me; think about all of the empty seats at Sprint Center when West last played in Kansas City.

Tabloid fodder is where the Kardashian family really comes into their own. There is so many of them; mostly females with long flowing dark hair, but also a fat brother, husband types of various stripes, hot stepbrother/brothers, a mother who seems to push all her children towards depravity and unhappy relationships, and finally Bruce Jenner*** who appears to be morphing from an ex-Olympian athlete suffering from a blotched facelift to a yet to be named woman with a blotched facelift. (If I have missed someone I apologize.) I say let this tribe of E network stars rule the Us Weeklies and In Touches, for I care not about these publications but Vogue is a magazine I have read since a teen and even though it does not have the impact it once had on the world, or even my life, I do not want it to fall into the category of magazines I am ashamed to be seen reading.

Much like West’s career path, the TV ratings for Kardashian based programming have been falling and this despite Kim’s romance and engagement to West. Vogue is vogue because it is the discovery of stars and if not discover than at least the promoter of stars and “It Girl” sensations to higher heights. Vogue should be chasing down Lupita Nyong’o* for upcoming covers. It if wants a shape issue, which is what the Kardashian issue is dubbed, do something really radical and have a photo shoot with Gabourey Sidibe*. How about an age issue with Jessica Lange* on the cover? Or better yet go back to using real models*.

Some may argue that putting Kim Kardashian on Vogue’s cover is a stroke of genius because of the discussion the cover has already prompted, but what after? Who else on the D list will be anointed by Wintour next? It would be different if Kardashian had done something besides an assorted variety of her reality show or licensing her last name and image to various beauty and weight loss products but, alas, she hasn’t.

*denotes people I think would be better choices for Vogue cover models than Kim Kardashian.

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