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Vogue Knitting LIVE is starting to bloom

An inspirational message from Vogue Knitting LIVE sits next to the Marketplace entrance.
An inspirational message from Vogue Knitting LIVE sits next to the Marketplace entrance.
The Fiber Friend 2013

Jean Giangarra, a knitter in town from West Virginia, was studying her guide intently. She was wearing a hand-knit shawl over her blue sweater. "This is my first Vogue Knitting LIVE," she said. Her docket for the weekend is full; she was taking a class during every allotted class time, including during the early session on Thursday night.

The signs to guide Vogue Knitting LIVE attendees were already in place, telling the visitors to the New York Marriott Marquis which floor had shopping and classes, and where registration was being held. The stragglers were finding their way to registration very shortly after the 5:00p.m. opening time, but as the class time of 6:00p.m. drew closer, the crowd around the window began to swell. Entrants can register throughout the show, running until Sunday, but students of Thursday classes were ready for their badges in the hour before the classes started.

Volunteers had spent the day learning their posts, and some were wheeling in the samples being sold this year (proceeds from the sale will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation for Metro and Western New York) while still others were in charge of building the Marketplace entrances. There was still plenty of work to do, but there was just enough of a hint of the event's grandeur that the early registrants were feeling the excitement from their surroundings.

Giangarra has been handling the ribbing she received from her son about attending a four-day knitting event, but to her, all of the classes and extras outweighed any fun being poked by her family members. Her first class was Top Down Socks 101, taught by Toronto resident Kate Atherley, followed by a chart-reading class on Saturday. "I tried to choose the New and Exclusive classes," she said.

Meanwhile, the Marketplace vendors began setting up their booths amid the Marriott staffers moving around their walls, and the activity carried over past sunset. Fine Points, Inc. already had two spinners full of yarn ready to go by the time the first round of badges were given out, and the Marketplace still had almost 24 hours before being open to the public.

For Giangarra, however, the chaos of setting up a major knitting expo went almost undetected. After all, it was only a few minutes before the sock class was starting. Giangarra, who flew to New York and was thankful for the Shipping Station being offered by Vogue LIVE for purchases made at the Marketplace, did not want to be late.

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