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Vodafone Helps Two Adventurous Grannies Prove That You’re Never Too Old

Ria's First Roller Coaster
Ria's First Roller Coaster

Vodafone recently did a campaign with two adorable ladies from across the pond, An and Ria. The campaign was all about “firsts” for the two sweet ladies which included a roller coaster ride for Ria and a flight to Barcelona for both of them; all while using (promoting) the companies new product the Unaxone.

The product is described as a way for the older generation to more easily connect with the rest of the world, with smart technology that’s designed for them.

The website breaks down their experiences and how they learned to use the Unaxone. Or you can watch the full story below. If you’re emotional like me, grab a tissue. I couldn’t help but giggle and cry along with them!

Watch the video of their first flight here.