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VOD Review: 'Hell Baby'

'Hell Baby'
Courtesy of Millenium Films

There have been several movies and television shows dealing with a character that is carrying a child fathered by Satan. "Hell Baby" is one of the first to take a comedic approach to this story. The creators of the TV Show "Reno 911", Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, present a story of a young couple moving to New Orleans and buying a fixer upper that turns out to have a pretty sordid past. Add to this the fact the wife is very pregnant with twins and things could get pretty hairy.

Rob Corddy ("Hot Tub Time Machine" and "Old School") and Leslie Bibb ("Tallegdega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and "Law Abiding Citizen") play Jack and Vanessa, a couple who purchase a large home in a neighborhood of New Orleans called the "lower" Lower Garden District. Vanessa criticizes her own choices by saying that no one even knows this neighborhood exists, but Jack corrects her by saying that no white people know that this neighborhood exists. They also have a "neighbor", F'resnel, who lives in their crawlspace and inserts himself into their lives at the most inopportune moments.

Strange happenings in the house are mostly of the shock variety, from a strange naked old woman showing up in various places, including under the covers with Jack, to boxes getting stacked up in a room when no one is looking. There is nothing really scary about this movie, except the scenes where the cast is eating po' boys at a local diner. Those are just sad. There are several scenes in the 94 minutes of film that could be cut and just seem like the filmmakers were trying to fill time with stupid that is not really funny. Three different scenes of eating sandwiches and drinking beers, belching, farting, and moaning with delight, each fill about three to five minutes of time. There is also a scene in the basement where Jack is startled by the sudden appearance of F'resnel and they spend several minutes making exclamations of surprise... again, seemingly unnecessary.

There are no real scares to be had in this film, and the only scenes that really have a horror tinge to them are a scene where the psychiatrist is crucified and gutted and the scene where the babies are born and one is a demon that runs around attacking and killing everyone. The devil baby was a cute little monster and the one thing that made the 85 minutes leading up to the birth almost worth the wait, but not quite. This movie was a disappointment based on previous ventures, like "Reno 911", that set expectations quite bit higher.

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