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VMS fined $3.4 million for ignoring Do Not Call List: Telemarketers heyday over?

Do Not Call List violation gets telemarketing company a $3.4 million fine!
Do Not Call List violation gets telemarketing company a $3.4 million fine!

It looks like the Telemarketing Do Not Call list is finally enforced, as it just cost one telemarketing company $3.4 million for calling phone numbers on that list. The buzz around the water coolers in recent months was that the Do Not Call list was nothing more than a farce, as you sign up and they still call. Maybe it is not such a farce after all!

No matter how many times you signed up for this, the calls just keep coming and coming, but apparently someone in the government took this list seriously! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) just handed the VMS a whooping fine for failing to abide by the National Do Not Call Registry’ rules and regulations, according to NewsMax on May 28.

VMS apparently called over a million customers that were on the list, which is a blatant disrespect on their part. You can understand a few mistakes, but a million people, that is a hard one to explain unless they just didn’t care about adhering to the list as they are mandated to do.

The “Today Show” investigated VMS and they highlighted this company as “one of the worst offenders” and this has been going on for a few years. Customer complaints were are the rise against VMS over the years. The “Today Show” report followed some of those people who complained about the non-stop calls from this telemarketing company.

It is not like the FTC didn’t receive any complaints about the Do Not Call list being ignored by pushy sales people. They got their share of complaints too. Along with the calls made to people on that list, VMS “employed lead generators who were placing millions of illegal robocalls in trying to assemble its customer list.”

You more than likely have gotten a phone call at dinnertime only to hear dead air and then the line hangs up. This is the robocall computers calling three different numbers at the same time. The first call to get picked up disconnects the other two calls. This is the telemarketers strategy to place as many calls as possible during each shift.

Once they get a live person on the line, the other two calls are disconnected and put back in line to be called again. If you are a slow-poke getting to your phone, chances are you get a lot of hangups.

According to, the U.S. has enough telemarketing power to make 560 calls per second and those constant hang-ups are a strategy used so as not to waste too much of the telemarketer’s time! Apparently their time is in important, but your time isn't!

Now that the $3.4 million fine has been handed down to VMS, will this be a wake-up call to all the other telemarketers to adhere to the FTC’s Do Not Call list? The FTC got 3.7 million complaints against telemarketers in 2013. Today’s National Do Not Call list has 223 million phone numbers. It is growing daily and probably at a greater rate now that the FTC has clipped the wings of VMS. Now that folks can believe in it again, they may find more signing on.

If you would like to sign up for the FTC Do Not Call list visit:

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