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Vladimir Putin: The new Alexander the Great?

... the saga continues
... the saga continues

It appears that Putin’s defiance against Obama’s request to back-off and leaves Ukraine? Is Putin listening? Putin’s mission is to invade Crimea and be part of Russia?

Does Obama have a strategic plan to stop Putin? Can Obama win this issue? Is Obama egregious mistakes in making decision on foreign policy? Obama unnerves of Putin? It is a sign of weakness when Obama is playing with words?

America is in the center stage to police our neighboring countries to protect them from oppression. However, are we, the current administration, have no clue of what’s going on in Ukraine?

Judge Jeannine has a point when she said it is a contract between two parties. When a party can’t deliver it then that would be null and void. There should be a “meeting of the mind” in order to consider that is validated.

The people of Ukraine are vociferously asking for help. What is the function of the Secretary of State? Kerry is the mouthpiece of Obama. However, he is not connecting the dot to have closure.