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Vladimir Putin T-Shirts Flying Off The Shelves

Russian President Vladimir Putin has found a way of beating the sanctions imposed by the western powers. In a word, if you can't beat them join them. Designers Anna Trifonova and Ivan Yershov better known as Anyavanya have come up with 15 different t-shirt designs with Putin adorning the shirt in various poses. The pair have been holding court at the GUM Megastore in Moscow where people have been lining up for some two hours to get their hands on the latest in summer fashion. Actor Mickey Rourke was spotted in line picking up one of the Putin T-shirts. When speaking to reporters Rourke spoke of how he has met Putin and thinks he is a nice guy and wanted to get in on the hoopla like everyone else.

Vladimir Putin T-Shirts Flying Off The Shelves
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Whether or not Putin actually gets a percentage is not known. The designers talked about the shirts recently and stated that in one day some 6,000 shirts were sold. They stated that the reason they came up with the idea was because of how well Russia has been doing on the world stage recently and they wanted to show some patriotic feelings. They spoke of the Sochi Winter Olympics and how well the Russian team did and of the World Ice Hockey team and how well they have done. They also talked at length about the reunification of Crimea and how proud they were of Putin and how he handled the situation.

One shirt has Putin in sunglasses and the word Crimea pasted all over it. Another style of shirt has Putin on a horse with a saying they'll never catch us. The average cost of each shirt is about 33 American dollars.

If your interested in helping out the Russians in their time of need you can pick up these shirts on Google or just simply do like Mickey Rourke and go stand in line. Anyavanya is planning on more t-shirts for the fall season so you better place your order now because there may be shortages as the shirts are flying off the shelves. I mean we know that Putin is the savior of the Russian people and that you simply must have your own Putin T-shirt for the fall season.