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Vladimir Putin: Street Thug Or Savior

Vladimir Putin: Street Thug Or Savior

Russian President Vladimir Putin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia formerly called Leningrad. He was a rowdy youth at times. He was also a scrawny little kid until he started to take up Sambo which was then called Judo. He was a street punk. He would go to college and then enter the KGB. This is where the story really takes a bad turn. You see he swallowed the bullshit that the KGB told him and he was sold hook, line, and sinker on the propaganda. Then the Soviet Union fell. They lost all their power and for some years most Russians, Putin in particular, had to eat shit at least that's what they thought they were doing.

Now he sees an opportunity to get back territory lost. Once again he becomes the street thug, the bully.

Putin has been carrying this big chip on his shoulder for some time. He has been fuming for years about the fall of the Soviet Union. It has been eating away at him all these years. He wants to regain the glory that he thinks his country once had.

So, let's take a look at the almighty Soviet Union for a moment. No one wanted to buy any of their automobiles. No one wanted their rifles except maybe the Ak47. The people who bought their missiles should actually check to see if they still worked. Their fleet sat in the waters and rusted away to almost nothing. The Vodka is piss water and the Caviar were worthless. So what is the point of trying to go back to those glory days.

The Ukraine makes an overture to the European Union about more trade. Putin gets upset and goes to the former President Viktor Yanukovych of the Ukraine and says come over to me and I'll help you. Well that doesn't set well with the rest of the country except Crimea. Crimea, which used to be Russian and whose people mostly speak Russian and truthfully wanted to be Russian, well they said yay we want to be Russian again. The problem is Putin arranged for some of these outbursts of former Russian love. So he stages some war games on the border and when he thinks the timing is right he walks over the border into the Crimea and takes it over with a sham vote.

He sells it back home as one of the lost children are coming back home to Mother Russia and all is well with our little empire.

Putin now puts Russian troops on the border of the Ukraine, waiting for some other little problem to arise and if it doesn't he will make it up. Meanwhile, he continues selling it back home and it looks like he is the savior of the Russian Federation.

Once again he is nothing more than the bully he was when he was a kid. He's a punk and when some one can get it together and stand up to him, he will back down like all other bullies.

You have to understand that the ordinary people on the street can see what Putin is and that is a thug. We see bullies all the time but for those who can't see straight like our own politicians, well let's just say they don't see it.

Mr. Putin you are a Thug. You are a Bully. You are pond scum. You are a freaking Joke. You are done!

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