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Vladimir Putin Should Be Tried As A War Criminal

Vladimir Putin Should Be Tried As A War Criminal
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin should now be considered a war criminal for crimes against humanity. Now I'm not just making random half baked accusation. I am saying this man has been the main instigator in the whole Ukraine controversy. It was he who got all upset when last October the Ukraine was thinking of signing a trade agreement with the European Union. The Ukrainian President at the time reconsidered and listened to Putin and was run out of office and the Ukraine. An interim Ukrainian president guided the country through a period of threats by the Russians and ended up losing the Crimea. It was at this time that along the Ukrainian and Russian border that Russia put some 40,000 troops in place and threatened attacking the Ukraine. Putin has been supplying a group of rebel separatists in the Eastern Ukraine who are fighting the Ukrainian government. This group swears allegiance to Mother Russia.

For some five months these separatists have been declaring that the Eastern Ukraine is no longer under control of the Ukrainian government. All along these separatists have been trained by Russian troops. The military hardware they use is Russian supplied. Now even though the separatists have the equipment they certainly haven't been trained to use it properly. So Mr. Putin you as the leader if the Russian Federation should be held responsible for all the deaths that have taken place so far.

Mr. Putin the Soviet Union is dead. It has been dead for quite some time and not everyone cares to go back to the good ole days when we all were held under the threat of a nuclear nightmare. Mr. Putin the world sees through all your lies. You have already been accused of using the same tactics that Hitler used to attack Poland in 1939. Mr . Putin the world does not need people like you in power anymore.

Mr. Putin I hope for your sake that after the catastrophe that occurred yesterday with the Malaysian 777 does not come back to bite you in the ass like the KAL 007 that your country blew out if the sky back in 1983. Remember that one sir when your country denied it all the way to the United Nations and with some simple tapes your country was called in front of the world and proven nothing but a bunch of liars.