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Vladimir Putin serenaded by American musician for peace

Eric Werse sings to Vladimir Putin
Eric Werse sings to Vladimir Putin
Photo courtesy of Eric Werse

A South Florida musician on Wednesday become a one-man band for peace with the launch of his latest campaign to ‘Tame the Ukraine’ by writing and recording a song warning Russian President Vladimir Putin not to start a shooting war in Eastern Europe. The song will be sent to the Kremlin and Russian consulates around the world.

Eric Werse, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, decided the time was right to try what he terms ‘musical diplomacy’ in which his primary weapon is his trusted guitar. The South Florida musical staple had been seeing a lot of news stories on television about the rising tensions in Ukraine between pro-Russian Ukrainians and supporters of the current Ukrainian regime. He began to worry the U.S. would be dragged into another conflict.

“We’ve had enough wars,” said Werse. “It’s time for a little music – a little song and dance, unlike the song and dance we’ve been given by global political leaders.”

Werse’s new song, entitled “Hey Mr. Putin,” puts a country and western world spin on the crisis, admonishing Putin not to “start shootin.’”

“I assume Putin has a sense of humor, given his bare-chested photos of every ilk,” said Werse, who quickly added, “Then again … the KGB was never known for its great sense of humor.”

Political analysts have their doubts as to the efficacy of Werse’s approach, but readily admit it couldn’t be any worse than the ineffectual foreign policy wonks of the U.S., Europe and Russia.

“Maybe Werse’s musical approach is what’s needed,” said foreign affairs analyst, David Leone, who runs a consulting company in Dallas. “Nothing else seems to be working. The professional diplomats have failed, so what’s wrong with adding a little music in hopes of calming some frayed nerves.”

Werse is no stranger to producing hits, having co-authored Kmart’s memorable “I Found Love At A Kmart Store” advertising jingle that was also recorded as a single by country and western star, Daryl Worley.

“If anyone can pop out a musical diplomatic hit it’s Werse,” said Bill Singletary, a marketing director who worked with Werse on the Kmart campaign. “He’s a great musical talent who also is quite bright. He has good feel for world politics and I think he can merge the musical and political to get out an impacting message of peace.”

Given Werse’s career successes and virtuoso guitar playing, he might just have the diplomatic solution to the Ukranian problem. No strings attached.

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