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Vladimir Putin seeks to grow Russian population by banning homosexuality

Russia's Vladimir Putin puts his foot down with gay ban law for his countryman.
Commons Wikimedia

Russia's Vladimir Putin may feel homosexuality is a nontraditional form of sex that his country can ill afford to embrace, but he is making it clear that Olympic athletes and guests will have no need to fear Russia's gay ban law will apply to them, according to a Jan. 19 USA Today report.

The Russian leader explains that his country must experience a growing population if it is to survive, yet homosexuality fails to offer procreation benefits like that of heterosexual relations. And he says that is the driving reason he has implemented his anti-gay law in the first place, but that the law will not apply to visitors during the Olympics.

Speaking with the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Vladimir Putin stated that when it comes to speaking with those in the homosexual community, like Sir Elton John and Sir Ian McKellan:

I am not prejudiced in any way....I would definitely talk to them."

But he does not want the school children in his country to talk about this lifestyle or to be influenced by the non-traditional sexual community, and that is what seems to be driving some of the controversy by those outside Russia who oppose this position.

According to CTV News, it is believed that information shared with children about homosexuality has the ability to influence them. And if the younger generation are influenced towards that type of sexual lifestyle, it will mean that procreation decreases for the next generation, keeping the population of Russia far less than Vladimir Putin hopes it will become.

But Putin's method for addressing Russia's population issues is making those in the homosexual community rail against him for his gay ban. As the leader of his nation, he, like Pres. Obama, enjoys the right to try and influence the direction his country takes that he feels is best. So while Obama is in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in America, Vladimir Putin is just as opposed to it in Russia.

What matters now is that Putin has promised that gay Olympic athletes and guests will not be held to the same gay ban law when they visit his country as his Russian citizens must obey. But if they are wise they should not flaunt their sexual orientation in his face as a result, as that sends the message that they don't appreciate the courtesy he is showing them when he doesn't even have to.

Do you believe that other nation's citizens have a right to dictate what they think American policy should be on matters of marriage, sexuality or any other personal topic when they don't live here? Should Americans try and tell Russia or other nations what they should do?

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