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Vladimir Putin seeks to create "historical justice"

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A recent report by The Independent, suggests that President Vladimir Putin will not stop the expansion of Russia until he has conquered Belarus, the Baltic states, and Finland. This, according to Putin's Chief Economic Adviser from 2000 to '05. The president of Russia has interest in creating "historical justice" with the return of the days of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.

What this means is, Putin has claimed ownership over Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, and Finland.

Putin’s view is that he protects what belongs to him and his predecessors,” Mr Illarionov said.

Adding that, "...the West's leaders seem, from what they say, entirely to have forgotten that there are some leaders in the world who want to conquer other countries."

Finland, as it stands, is not currently a member of NATO, and so, an attack from the East could not be considered an attack on the allies. It was a part of the Russian empire for 108 years as an autonomous Grand Duchy until 1917, when it was granted independence, a point that Mr. Illarionov says, Russia will argue was an act of treason against national interests.

But what can be done to stop Putin? Well, Mr. Illarionov says that sanctions have helped to confirm Putin's view of the world, and that of the "Kremlin's propaganda," rather than hindering his progress or the resolve of Moscow.

“We must offer resistance by all means available,” he said. “I'm not a bloodthirsty person, but there is sometimes no other way than military power to stop an opponent. The only answer to pure aggression is demonstrating willingness to offer a collective defense.”

“Six years ago Putin conquered Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia. The west let him do it with impunity, and now he has got Crimea,” he told a Swedish news website according to a report by the Washington Times.“Now, eastern and southern Ukraine is destabilized so that the self-defense forces can take power there.”

There is currently no word on how the government or the UN will respond to these allegations, or to the military expansionism of Russia into Finland, the Baltics, and Belarus.

In a separate report, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Russia and confirmed that Putin had ordered a partial withdrawal of troops from his country's border area with Ukraine.