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See also: article gives tips on becoming a flight attendant

"Tips On How To Become A Flight Attendant," a new article on gives some quick tips on what one should do if they are interested in becoming a flight attendant.

Article gives tips on becoming a flight attendant
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One reader commented on the piece.

"The "Tips On How To Become A Flight Attendant" article is actually informative that provides ways to develop learning skills fast. In addition, the tips this article delivers are easy-to-follow for most people regardless of their gender and their education level."

Flying the world as a flight attendant is a dream of many, now this article sheds light on some of the factors that come into play when airlines are looking to hire new flight attendants.

Height, Vision, Weight

Airlines are looking for minimum and special requirements when it comes to height, vision, and weight.

Education and Customer Service Experience

Education and customer service experience can't hurt when it comes to working for a big airline. Make sure you have your resume in order.

Foreign Language Skills

The Vkool piece advises those people who are looking for a career as a fight attendant to learn to speak foreign languages. Languages in demand include French, Swedish, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

The article also looks as some of the risks or what flight attendants might face.

Common Health Risks Associated with Being a Flight Attendant

Dry skin, poor circulation, and aging.

Being a flight attendant is an important job. While the primary focus is safety, customer service and people skills also come into play.

This article gives some great tips and insider information to those interested in a position as a flight attendant.

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