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Viz Media acquires two ‘Princess Mononoke’ titles

Studio Ghibli Library
Studio Ghibli Library
Viz Media

Anime and manga publisher Viz Media announced today, that it has acquired two new books related to the Studio Ghibli film, “Princess Mononoke”, for release later this year under its Studio Ghibli Library imprint.

The first title is “The Art of Princess Mononoke”, and it will be released in a hardcover edition in August 2014 (MSRP $34.99). This art book will give fans of the popular anime film a glimpse at concept sketches, character art and finished animation cells as well as provide interviews with staff. This is a rerelease of the art book that features an all new translation and presentation.

Available in October 2014, will be a hardcover edition of “Princess Mononoke: The First Story” (MSRP $34.99). This oversized, illustrated storybook features original watercolor art by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki and is the original story for “Princess Mononoke”, created in 1980. The storybook tells a much different tale from the film we all know today, following a samurai lost in a forest, who encounters a giant wildcat - a mononoke. In exchange for saving the samurai’s life, the beast tells the samurai that its price is his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Both “The Art of Princess Mononoke” and “Princess Mononoke: The First Story” will be available from Viz Media’s Studio Ghibli Library imprint. To learn more about the other titles available from the imprint, you can visit this link.