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Viz Media acquires 'Sailor Moon' license

New dub featuring voice actors blessed by the creator to start May 19
New dub featuring voice actors blessed by the creator to start May 19
Viz Media

On May 16 Viz Media announced they have acquired the license for "Sailor Moon" and "Sailor Moon Crystal". The company announced the news at Anime Central and, shortly after, revealed an announcement trailer with more information about the new release of the 90's anime.

With the new "Sailor Moon" license brings new content to the United States, including the final season - which was never released in the states. All 200 episodes and 3 movies will be released uncut, and will be streamed on Hulu and Neonalley starting May 19. The anime also returns with a new English dub, and will have a release in remastered Bluray, DVD, and Digital channels.

Viz also took to Twitter with details Friday night. Openings and endings will be in the original Japanese, and two episodes will be released every Monday (premiering with 4 episodes). They've also made some comparisons to the original US release, explaining that Zoisite is male, characters will use their intended names, and Michiru and Haruka will "no longer be cousins".

The new dub will feature voice actors blessed by the creator Naoko Takeuchi, and the end of the announcement trailer features the new voice of Usagi/Sailor Moon.

"Sailor Moon" will premier with four episodes on Hulu and Neonalley on May 19 with DVD, Bluray, and Digital distribution at a later date. "Sailor Moon Crystal", the new series following the original manga content, premiers on NicoVideo this July.