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Vivid to release another Farrah Abraham adult film

On Feb. 6 Radar Online shares that Farrah Abraham will be the star of Vivid's newest film, "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More" made from an hour of unreleased scenes from her first adult film. Many find this a bit odd considering Farrah has gone on record claiming that she was drugged and raped while in the adult film industry promoting her first film with star James Deen.

Vivid plans to release the video on Feb. 13, just in time for Valentine's Day. While Farrah might not have a say in the release of the film because of the contract she signed, she will likely get paid for it either way. The film is made from scenes that didn't fit into the first film, however, Vivid Entertainment co-chairman, Steve Hirsch, says that it's a completely different movie and Farrah could likely teach some of the girls that he works with a thing or two.

At first, Vivid wouldn't confirm or deny what they would do with the extra footage they had, but now it is quite obvious what they did with it. In this film, Deen will also star alongside Farrah.

This news comes out amid Farrah's claims that she was raped while promoting her first film. This can't possibly be good publicity for Vivid. It also goes against what Farrah has recently claimed, of being done with the adult film industry, however, if she signed away the rights to the rest of the footage she would have no say in what Vivid chose to do with it.

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