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Vivid offers Farrah Abraham $1mil. to take a polygraph test

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On Feb. 14 Radar Online shares that Farrah Abraham has been issued a challenge by Vivid Entertainment's Steve Hirsch, himself. Obviously tired of the lies and stories that Farrah has been spinning, he issues a whopper of deal that she will likely have to refuse.

Hirsch has laid it out that he is offering Farrah Abraham $1 million if she takes a polygraph test and passes. If she doesn't, not only does she publicly have to go on record saying that she lied, but she has to give up all royalties past and present on all of her videos. The second video was just released on Feb. 13 and Hirsch says that we should be expecting a third one soon. Farrah has 48-hours to respond to the challenge.

It is unlikely that Farrah will accept it, with some kind of line about not having to explain her side of the story. But, the consequences are heavy. It's really unlikely that Farrah has the money from her first film to pay him back if she is found to be lying, and as all know, she would. There is no way that she even believes her own lies when the other party to them have come out and stated they aren't true. On "Couples Therapy" Farrah has even slipped up in her own lies when talking to the group during therapy.

If Farrah doesn't agree to the polygraph, however, her refusal is just as bad as lying. Nobody believes her lies as it is, but it would really solidify the fact that they are just lies.