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Vivica A. Fox slams Kenya Moore; stolen cell phone fight goes public

Vivica A. Fox wants her cell phone back from Kenya Moore
Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Vivica A. Fox isn't on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and she probably isn't willing to take drama from Kenya Moore. Perhaps that is why it isn't very surprising that the star called out Kenya Moore this week and alleged that the star stole her cell phone. According to WetPaint on Thursday, the two stars made the feud public as the taping for “Celebrity Apprentice” is over, but the mudslinging has just begun.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” filming was anything but boring. Allegedly Kenya got Vivica A. Fox’s cell phone and used her Twitter account to say some not so nice things about being menopausal. Sources say that Vivica notified Donald Trump and ultimately Kenya Moore was fired.

Since “Celebrity Apprentice” hasn't aired yet, the rumors have not been confirmed. Well, at least not until Vivica A. Fox started posting on social media about Kenya Moore’s alleged antics and possible theft. She called out Kenya and it wasn't glamorous by any means.

“FYI! My last tweet was in response to me making it clear that I do believe 100 percent that Kenya stole my phone! Trick Chick,” tweeted Vivica A. Fox from her official Twitter account on Wednesday.

Anyone who has met Vivica A. Fox knows exactly how this woman rolls. She is 100% genuine and always takes time for questions from everyone on the red carpet (even us) so to see her call out Kenya is going to be an eye opener for the entertainment industry. The actress wouldn't put her reputation on the line if she didn't believe where the cell phone might have gone.

As for Kenya Moore, it appears she might have gotten a rise out of Porsha Stewart on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but the star has met her match with Vivica. This accomplished actress and well-known celebrity wheels more power than most stars and her Rolodex has got to be loaded with famous friends.

If Kenya Moore really did take the phone she should mail it back ASAP. The alleged rumors could kill her chance to be on TV and with Vivica’s celebrity status, it would be a bad move to fight someone who has items missing.

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