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Vitaminwater10: Worth the calories?


The company that produces vitaminwater is going for caloric redemption with their newest flavored beverage, vitaminwater10. This new draft in the vitaminwater line-up has significantly fewer calories than its calorie-laden alter ego, the original vitaminwater, but don’t be fooled by the “10″ in the title.  Vitaminwater10 has ten calories per serving, but how many servings are there in one bottle? There are actually two and a half!

 So what will it take to burn off a whole bottle of vitaminwater10?

  • A 25 minute nap
  • 25 minutes of channel surfing
  • 25 minutes of online shopping
  • 25 minutes of online dating
  • Brushing your teeth for 10 minutes

So while 25 calories for a sweetened beverage is a lot friendlier to your waistline than the original vitaminwater's 125 calories, the bottom line is that it’s about making choices and being aware of what you’re eating and drinking. Indulging in the occasional treat is fine, but that is all vitaminwater10 should be in your food inventory: a flavored beverage treat.  It's not going to change your life with its water soluble vitamins and aromatic herbs (though its zingy labels will most definitely keep you entertained).

 If you're looking for vitamins, you're better off spending the $0.08 on a multivitamin, than shelling out the $1.49 for a bottle of vitaminwater.

Go buy yourself a real treat with the leftover cash.


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