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Vitamins are not recommended as a recovery supplement

A recent article in Time Healthland by Alice Park, states that "vitamins are not recommended" for health or in a recovery program. Most people in recovery or that are still in addiction probably believe that vitamins help improve current health from addiction recovery or from a drug hang over. The vitamin industry is "close to a 12 billion dollar business" and can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

Many drug addiction situations end in heart failure because the activity of drug use enhances it. Drugs weaken the heart and the lifestyle of most drug users is contradictory towards healthy living. Therefore vitamin E or other multivitamins may be used as a deterrent towards the abuse.

This is wrong and vitamin E and multivitamins "may actually harm your health". According to Ms. Park, "the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) or professionals researching the effects of vitamins towards heart disease have found no evidence supporting that vitamins may assist curing heart disease".

In New York, with the bombardment of commercials and advertisements to the location of vitamins on the counter at the local store and gas station. It can be quite deceiving that vitamins may actually harm you.

With a well balanced meal, exercise, and plenty of healthy fluids such as water. People in recovery can gain the necessary supplements to help build what they have damaged.

Illegal drugs are harmful and should not be used in anyway.

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