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Vitamin D supplements may help fight breast cancer

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A new report indicates that vitamin D supplements may help women fight breast cancer by improving their survival rates. WebProNews reports on March 9 that researchers discovered vitamin D plays a role in stopping tumor growth. Another study has also found possible additional benefits related to the vitamin such as better cholesterol levels.

Vitamin D supplements have occasionally been a controversial product with medical professionals arguing about their use and impact on the body. However, a report from Anticancer Research reveals that having high levels of vitamin D in the body leads to a higher chance of surviving breast cancer. Although researchers are encouraging more studies to be done on this topic, they believe they have found another positive aspect to the vitamin.

A different study contradicts previous research that indicated vitamin D supplements do not help cholesterol levels. The new report from a journal reveals that postmenopausal women have better cholesterol levels if they are taking vitamin D. However, research from Rockefeller University previously showed there was no change in these levels.

Although sunlight and food offer sources of vitamin D, many people rely on supplements to make sure their levels of the vitamin are normal. The contradictory studies will require more research, but scientists indicate that many people are deficient in the vitamin and require supplementation.