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Vitamin D and light for health and happiness


                        Light for health and happiness

Much research is being done on the subject of vitamin D in your body. Studies are showing that many physical ills can be prevented if you have sufficient amounts of vitamin D. How is it you get vitamin D naturally? Sunshine. For years we have been cautioned about the dangers of being exposed to too much sunshine. We've been told it will cause skin cancer, premature aging etc. We have been told to use sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether.

Now, the pendulum is swinging back the other direction. Now the emphasis seems to be on getting more sunshine for bone health, cancer prevention and to ward off depression. Many Americans, however, don’t have the lifestyles that allow for being out in the sun during the day. Fewer Americans work in the fields or have a job that exposes them to direct sunshine. Americans are progressive (or not) and sit behind a desk in florescent lighting all day and now, Americans don’t have enough vitamin D to ward off diseases.

In a wonderful article on influenza prevention and treatment options San Diego Wellness Examiner, Kim Chartrand, says, "Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D is now directly linked to resistance to the flu. There are 3000 studies either completed or in progress that have shown vitamin D’s direct role in preventing illness. Most in North America are deficient and even in sun-soaked San Diego and in winter, our levels fall by 33% (which is one theory why flus and colds hit at this time of year). Before you start taking vitamin D, get your levels tested.  (read entire article)"

Because of this lack of sunlight suggestions are made to use a vitamin D-3 supplement and eat foods rich in vitamin D.

Not only does your body need light to be healthy but your Spirit also needs light to ward off diseases of the Spirit. In this day and age the amount of light your spirit is exposed to is also significantly decreased. Many people are no longer exposed to spiritual light in their daily walk and talk. A conscious decision needs to be made to increase your exposure to things of a spiritual nature in order to increase the amount of spiritual light in your live. If your exposure is limited in your home, work and activities then, just as you do for your physical body, you need to increase your supplements to ensure you are getting enough "light" to keep your spirit happy and healthy.

What spiritual “light” supplements are available? Is there a Whole Foods Market you can run to with "Spiritual Light" to stock up on and store on our pantry shelves that you can add to your morning smoothie? What are some of your options here? Do you remember the "Sunday School answers?" "Read your scriptures, go to church, and pray." This is not advocating everyone believe exactly as everyone else or worship as everyone else worships. This is to suggest that perhaps you need to stop and evaluate what you do believe and question whether or not you are living in accordance with what you personally believe. Are you studying and searching after the things you feel will enlighten (there’s that light again) you and bring you closer to your ideal? 

  • Get out and take a walk in nature
  • Sit down and write a list of things you are grateful for
  • Focus on feelings of love and compassion throughout your day
  • Reach out to someone in need
  • Share a story with a child
  • Find joy in simple things

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  • Cassandra Yorgey 5 years ago

    It is well known among parrot enthusiasts that sunlight stimulates the bodies production of Vitamin D. Sunlight is actually a reccomended treatment for calcium deficiencies in birds because Vitamin D is what promotes absorption of calcium. For those that avoid the sun for whatever reason there's always full-spectrum lighting. I don't find it to be AS effective as actual sun, but it's better than nothing.