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Visualize this!


How many of you can visualize? Be honest now. The reality is that many people can’t. That’s why real estate shows on HGTV are often on how to stage the home and make changes that appeal to most buyers. It’s hard for most people to see past what’s right in front of them…or to imagine something different from what it is at the present time.
Translating a design idea to a client can be a tough, frustrating process. There are many times that a print out directly from the brain would be wonderful! Unfortunately that is not possible…at least not an immediate print out! Fortunately retailers and designers have come up with solutions to that problem!
The most effective way to get an idea across is with a drawing. Interior designers, architects, and engineers have been doing this for centuries. It’s important for all designers to use visual aids…not just drawings but materials, colors, textures and the like. Without these tools, a designers ideas won’t come across nearly as well to the client. 
That advice is something that every designer should know. How about the client…if you’re not using a designer how can you do this on your own? After all, interior designers do learn how to draw in school (I know I did!). Another part of their education is to learn how to understand interior space better and how things should flow and work together. The best part is that you can to do this too. 
When you’re considering painting, getting new furniture or putting up a great piece of art measure the room, including ceiling height. The room will feel cramped and cave like if whatever you’re putting in is too large. To check use masking tape to “draw” the items on the floor or wall. Placing fabric cut to size would work well also. It might work better since the fabric takes up the space and tape is merely an outline. For painters if you’re not sure, utilize the sample sizes you can get. Painting an entire wall is also advisable as it will give you a more accurate picture than just a 2ft square patch. 
If you’ve done all this and are still having trouble, or if you just don’t want to bother, consider using a designer or a design consultant to put together a drawing for you. Check with your retailers to see if they offer design services or consultation. They employ people with a great eye and knowledge to help you get the best for your space. 
Here are some places that offer design consulting:
Ethan Allen:
Pottery Barn:
Bradford Furniture: 615-297-3541
At Home Nashville: 615-463-8865   

For more info: For questions, comments, or if you're in the need for an interior designer contact me here: .  All images courtesy of Third Row Designs.