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Visual takes on 'Arlington Outdoors'

Summer vacation in old Virginia
Summer vacation in old Virginia
James George

Nostalgia: Surely you have noticed that Arlington Outdoors is all about being outside hiking, biking, and goofing around. Sometimes I see things that I would like to photograph, but when it comes to people, journalists must be careful. You can’t just use any old photo without proper clearances. So, when you see images in these articles, including paintings, they come with permission to use them one time in this space for this specific purpose.

Shante Bullock, summer painting
Shante Bullock

Having said that, there is an excellent artist in Arlington who is Shante Bullock. Her style is striking, and is often executed in black and white with shades of gray. In the photo with this story is a painting of some girls in bathing suits. It is an amazing and vivid painting, don’t you think? I would get into trouble photographing girls in bathing suits, so Shante is helping me out with this illustration.

Check out more of her work at Arlington Artists Alliance and at Gallery Underground.

Standing on Potomac Overlook yesterday, I saw a family of children with their mother all strung out along the river’s edge just exploring. They reminded me of times when my brother and I did the same sort of thing with our mother. She would pack sandwiches and after a hike we would find a shady spot for lunch. That was the life as child and parents who take their children hiking are creating lasting memories.

I am digging up some old photos of times spent by my brother and me with our parents in the good old summertime. Mostly, it was right here in the state of Virginia where my mother was born. In fact, her first and middle name was Carroll Virginia, named after Carroll County, Virginia. She was actually raised partly in Grayson County. They could have called her “Gracy,” I guess.

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