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Visual and literary arts connect for Baltimore artist

"How to Draw Portrait Sketches" by Baltimore artist Jimi Fardan
"How to Draw Portrait Sketches" by Baltimore artist Jimi Fardan
by V. M. Oliver-Lawson with permission from J Fardan

Jimi Fardan is known around town, and beyond, as The Pencilman. He can be seen at various festivals creating quick sketches as clientele wait patiently in line for their turn to be immortalized.

Now, Fardan has taken his love for the visual arts to a new level. He has self-published and released his first book entitled, "How to Draw Portrait Sketches". This new endeavor has resulted in a step-by-step instruction manual which will assist even the most-challenged artist in creating something new. The book includes two different methods for creating sketches as well as showcasing some of Fardan's handiwork.

As Fardan spoke with this writer Thursday April 3, 2014 his joy was overflowing. Fardan's work has been recognized far and wide and he is elated to pursue this new avenue in his journey. He said he just cannot stop smiling when he thinks of the process he took to develop a finished product.

"The book was written out of love for the budding artist, children, who approach me and ask how to do what I do. In telling them over and over, I thought it would be better to put it in a format that could reach everyone. Realizing my own love for art and the challenges that I face trying to find my own method of expression, I sought to make that path a little shorter for the next generation", said Fardan.

Fardan's work has been featured at the following venues:
Art Explosion, the Stand Down House in FL (veterans' organization), and the Baltimore Book Festival among others in the Baltimore area,

He won first prize in the Veterans Regional Competition for his artwork.

He would like to have a co-op of artists such as a marketplace where the works of the unrecognized artist can be displayed.

Fardan's passion for the visual arts has also been passed to another generation in that his daughter, Nura, is also involved in the arts.

Fardan plans to continue frequenting venues to pursue his love for creating art, but will now also have another product which his customers can take home with them.

Fardan can be reached through his website or by calling 443-416-2815.

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