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Visitors stops staged on N Embarcadero shore

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On N. Harbor Drive land, beside the frothy bay waves, San DIegans can see contemporary shaped buildings built strong on dirt lots on the developing embarcadero promenade. Eastside, near the drive, paved walkway sections, with railings, fill up open space near Navy Pier, and, at the north end of construction, near the B Street Pier building.

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On Friday, June 13th, above flat work lots, two pavillion shade structures stand on steel. Waiting for glass panels. Trees in planters sat near the north pavillion ready to get planted in the ground.

Walkers on the waterfront took a temporary fenced path on the street, up from Broadway, past a concrete building covered with big concrete letter prints.

WOrk on the walkways and landscaping will continue through JUne.

The widened promenade owned by the Port of San Diego stayed slow during the end of the week work. Close to Summer sunny days have not built up the tourist crowds. Drivers took the nearby drive through typical traffic.

The North Embarcadero Visionary Plan work is opening up the path that goes in and out of downtown to larger tourist crowds. Replacement of the old concrete promenade with a proemande and esplanade with paved walkways will give the Port a major foothold needed to finish the first stage in redeveloping the San Diego bay embarcadero.

Hard pavement workers put in at the dirt lot locations will fill out the deck in the outdoor open air leisure spot. San Diegans can look ahead to a tree lined waterfront the construciton team will have lined up during Summer.

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