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Visitors can peek at the inner workings of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle operates as the oldest, running castle in the world.

Windsor Castle is the olderst and largest occupied castle in the world.
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images
Windsor Castle is the oldest, operating castle in the world.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

It is the Queen's favorite weekend home. In fact, only a select few dignitaries are allowed to stay at Windsor Castle.

During her 60 years on the throne, heads of state have come to visit London twice a year, staying in Buckingham Palace. Only fellow royals and much-loved foreign leaders, such as Ronald Reagan, have been favored with Windsor.

Without a tour guide:

The lines leading into the castle are huge because of security delays. Guards show cautionary attitudes and review bags closely for suspicious items.

Take a headphone. Windsor Castle offers self-guided tours through the technology of headphone. When approaching a sign, a number is prominent, prompting users to press the button on their tape for a summary of the landmark.

Schedule a time to take a guided, 30-minute tour with a guide by Windsor Castle. Most of these guides are local historians and volunteers, who know monarchy facts by heart, and can share valuable information such as perfect photo opportunities and best souvenir to bring home.


When the guards conduct their hourly duties, crowds flock to the area to capture images or watch in person.

Selected exhibits are allowed throughout the castle. Check the website for ongoing traveling exhibits.

The changing of the guard occur one half hour before the gates are open for visitors.

Its impressive collection of buildings and rooms are all full of luxurious items, weapons, armor, paintings and furniture. most with their own unique story.

Suggested time frame:

If you want to cover a lot of ground, spend at least three hours.


Tickets for adults start at $25.68. To visit Windsor Castle, visit the website for tickets at

If you want to return, make sure you get your ticket stamped and free admission will be given to you in one year's time dated from the entry admission.

Planning for visit:

Parking is not allowed near the castle. Several venues offer an easy way to visit Windsor Castle, either thru train or bus shuttles.

Tip #1: Wear comfortable shoes. There are a lot of hills and inclines to walk throughout the grounds.

Tip #2: Visiting early is better to beat the tremendous tourist crowds.

Tip #3: Guided tours of the Precincts, which are included in the admission price, depart at half-hourly intervals from the Courtyard and last 30 minutes.

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