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Visiting the Amish Mennonite Delano Community Farm Market

Residents ride on a horse-drawn wagon. 
Photo by: Diane Goode Scott
Residents ride on a horse-drawn wagon. Photo by: Diane Goode Scott

Fresh fruits and produce abound in North Georgia during harvest months, but if you are looking for an enriching experience for your family, Delano Community Farm Market in Delano, TN is a must-see. Here Mennonites, a division of the Amish, enjoy living a simple life and allow outsiders to stop by and catch a glimpse of their unique philosophy.

A horse-drawn carriage in Delano, TN.
(Photo by: Diane Goode Scott)

Residents travel by horse and buggy and local farmers till their fields with horse-drawn plows and bring their fresh harvests to the market daily. Aside from produce, visitors can purchase homemade baked goods, jellies and jams and even products like old -fashioned sorghum molasses and soaps. The excellent variety of produce sold at the market is all grown by the Mennonites with natural and organic farming methods, and the size and quality of the fruits and vegetables are top-notch. The price beats the supermarket, and of course, the taste doesn’t even compare. Local always tastes better.

Delano Community Farm Market is open from mid-April through October. Visiting the market and seeing the literal fruits of hard work and simplicity make the trip worth the drive. The market is located at 146 Needle Eye Lane in Delano, TN 37325. It is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., so get an early start and bring home some of the best fresh produce you’ll ever eat.



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