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Visiting Talum on a Riveria Maya trip to Mexico

Beautiful ocean view at Talum
Beautiful ocean view at Talum
Rachel Dillin

Imagine coming back into the U.S. from a lovely Riveria Maya vacation when all of the sudden, your pink and white polka dot bag is sent back through security. The trip through Mexican security was fine, but heading through U.S. customs and back into the airport, the bag is deemed a problem.

This bag was mine a few weeks ago, and I stood there trembling, wracking my brain,
wondering what could possibly be the problem with the bag? Soon, a TSA agent pulled it aside, and I began sweat and fidget and basically look guilty even though I knew I wasn’t.

Finally, the TSA agent holds up a well-wrapped item.

“What is this?” she asks, and I sighed with relief. “It’s a magnet,” I replied, and soon my Minnie Mouse-style bag was hastily repacked, and I was back in the airport, and “officially” in the U.S.

What a trip! The magnet, a miniature Mayan ruin, was a beautiful reminder of the day trip we had taken from our resort to the Mayan ruins at Talum.

If you have never been to Talum, you simply must go next time you visit the Yucatán Peninsula. While this city is not the most famous of the Mayan ruins in Mexico, it is the only Mayan city located by the sea, and it is stunning.

One of the things I learned while at Talum is that the iguana is to that region what the squirrel is to many parts of the U.S. At first, I was alarmed when our tour guide was telling us about the houses and the Mayan burial rituals and I saw an iguana within inches of my feet. However, as we moved around, I noticed they were everywhere, and they were not afraid of people much like the squirrels I encounter in my own neighborhood.

One of the great things about visiting Talum is that you will have time to swim in the sea that the ancient temple overlooks. It is one of the most beautiful settings in the region. Plus, after hiking to and around the city, you will need a moment to cool down. After you swim, be sure to stop in the town of Talum to cool off with a delicious drink in the air-conditioned bar where you can also pick up beautiful souvenirs of your visit like my TSA trouble causing magnet.

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