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Visiting museums can deliver a happy day

In Oklahoma there are many museums. Some are unordinary like the mansions and forts while others are what one would expect a museum to be: a large building with many glass or walk-by displays. Each type of Oklahoman museum is different, having specific themes and knowledgeable guides. These are a way to learn local and state history while simultaneously having fun with others.

Seay Governor’s Mansion is a historical point of interest that is a museum open to the public. The tour guides at this mansion share much about the Oklahoma Territory since Governor Seay was Oklahoma’s governor before Oklahoma became a state. This mansion-museum is located in the city of Kingfisher across the street from the delightful Chisholm Trail Museum that shares in display format the local history of Kingfisher, an Oklahoman city along the historical Chisholm Trail. The Chisholm Trail Museum houses over 30,000 artifacts.

Kingfisher is north-west 46 miles, a 53 minutes drive, from Oklahoma City. Kingfisher is the county seat of Kingfisher County, and like many Oklahoman cities has a Braum’s. Kingfisher is a little north of Okarche, Oklahoma so when heading back to Oklahoma City one can visit Okarche’s delightfully unique café on main street, the Tower Café. This restaurant is well known, has a special history. Many who visit the Seay Governor’s Mansion and Chisholm Trail Museum stop at the Tower Café to eat a snack, lunch or dinner (per the tour guide at Seay Governor’s Mansion, visit April 1, 2014).

Visiting Oklahoman museums can stimulate the mind, for there is much to see and read which makes the experience healthful as well as enjoyable. Going out of one’s way to visit museums can be very beneficial. Museum trips force one to leave home, see other sections of Oklahoma they usually might not, plus one walks at a healthful slow pace through them. There are physicians in Oklahoma who have suggested visiting museums for the healthy benefits walking delivers (personal experience, and via Oklahoman word of mouth).

If desirous of something joyful, healthful and different to do with one’s spare time, the diversity of museums in Oklahoma might be a perfect alternative. There are many museums throughout Oklahoma, covering a wide range of topics. People in and out of state have visited Oklahoma’s museums; willingly signed the visitors’ book, plus left smiling from the wonderful day experienced per museum visited. Visiting these types of places also gifts one something positive to discuss with others as well as expands one’s knowledge. Enjoy the day!

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